Your HGTV Dreams Come True…and Less Waste Too!

Calgary, AB, Canada

Whether you’re a fan of “Fixer Upper” or watch “Flip or Flop” till your eyes bleed, a lot of us get our renovation inspiration from HGTV shows. Whether you’re excited to redo the kitchen, overhaul the lawn, or gut the basement, the one thing that’s inevitable is producing a lot of waste and rubble. So what are you going to do with all that rubble? Never fear, we’ve got your solution!

Sixty Pounds per Square Foot?
While it’s hard to say in advance how much waste your renovation will produce, a major redo of your kitchen might produce 60 pounds of waste per square foot – which means that if your kitchen is average sized, you’ve got 5 tons to dispose of! There’s even more if you’re renovating an entire house, or less if you’ve got a smaller condo. Normally that all goes to the landfill, along with high costs and environmental problems.

Reduce First!
If you remember the 3 “Rs” you might remember that “Reduce” comes before “Reuse” and “Recycle”. Before you begin your renovation project, keep waste in mind! Think about ways that you could reuse dismantled elements of your home: hardwood flooring and brick, for example, are often reusable! Look for ways you can reduce packaging, or get supplies shipped in reusable form. As you go, dismantle rather than demolish, so you can sort out reusable and recyclable items from those headed for the landfill. Reusable items can often find a good home at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

While Calgary allows you to bring recyclable items to Throw ‘n’ Go facilities at one of the three City landfills, many items brought here by residents come along with a tipping fee. That can add up more quickly than you’d think! If you get a large blue bin with Economy Waste, we drop it off, you fill it up, and we take it away for proper disposal. It saves you time and keeps the costs reasonable. Toss in all your paper, cardboard, wood, glass, insulation, wire, and metals: this can significantly reduce the amount of waste headed to the landfill from your renovation!

If you’re embarking on some home or yard remodelling, give us a call today at 403-888-5483 to set up your easy waste hauling!