Waste Disposal in the Winter

Calgary, AB, Canada

Winter is around the corner, and we all know what that means: more layers, more traffic, and more time spent indoors. However, if you’re doing any kind of work on the house or you’re managing a construction job, winter also comes with its own considerations for waste disposal.

Your Residence

Before your waste management professional sets you up with a bin for your winter project, the first thing you should take care of is the space where the bin is supposed to go, such as your driveway. Clear snow from the area and de-ice it, so the bin can be moved into place without a hitch. Don’t let snow or ice built around it, and don’t handle anything without the proper gloves! Winter is a time when letting scattered piles of waste buildup is especially troublesome. Keep everything tidy, so you don’t have to spend too much time out in the cold cleaning up a mess.

Professional Construction
Safety is important on a job site no matter what time of year it is, but winter poses its own particular hazards. When dealing with all the waste that piles up around the site, take extra caution regarding slip hazards. Naturally, the appropriate protective gloves are essential, but during winter you may be tempted to wear gloves that are particularly bulky or compromise your grip. Find a pair that balance warmth with your ability to grip things safely. Cold waste can be tricky to handle, especially metals, as bare skin could stick to a surface and result in injury.

Common Ground
No matter what kind of project you need your waste disposal bin for, some winter waste management tips apply across the board. As we’ve mentioned, safety is a significant concern when it comes to icy slips and falls, and not only is this true throughout the site of your project itself, it’s also true of the area surrounding your bin. Lifting items into the bin can be a lot more dangerous if you’re not careful of your traction underfoot, and you should also bear in mind the safety of the waste disposal professionals who come to pick up the bin!

Safe and efficient winter waste management is more straightforward than you might think, all you need is the right help from the right waste management professionals. Give Economy Waste a call at (403) 888-5483 to find out how we can make your project as clean as possible!