Top 5 Reasons to Save Money with Economy Waste Services

Calgary, AB, Canada

You have to pay money to use our services – that’s pretty obvious. We work the same as every other business that way! What you get with us that’s different from other businesses is more value for your money.

Reason 1: No surprise costs

Because our services don’t require any special permits, there’s no surprise costs! We don’t incur extra costs so we don’t have to pass on any extra costs to you, our client. The price you see is the price you get: it’s all-inclusive and we pride ourselves on working within the estimate of cost we provide you.

Reason 2: Recycling bin discounts

We help you save money if you’re ordering recycling bins! We offer discounts for recycling bin orders, contact us for more details.

Reason 3: Online ordering discount

Even more ways to save! When you order and pay for your blue bin rental online, you save $25 right off the top. The regular price you pay $465, so that means your rental is only $425 – that’s like saving all the GST on the price, plus a little bit more.

Reason 4: Two sizes for your convenience

Whether you’re doing a spring clean-up, small renovation, or larger project, we have the right bins for you. Our smaller 15 cubic yard bin is ideal for smaller projects, and our larger 25 cubic yard bin will serve your needs for larger construction and renovation undertakings.

Reason 5: Smooth Bin Delivery

Our trucks carefully deliver your bins with an automated system, which gently lowers the bin from the back of the truck onto the ground and picks it back up the same way. This bin delivery is smooth and we’ll never drop it from a height, so you don’t have to worry about damage to the ground (as long as it’s firm enough to support the weight of the bin).

If you’re ready for personalized customer service, affordable waste removal, and great value for your money, book your bins with Economy Waste Services today!