Tips for Removing Drywall

Calgary, AB, Canada

Of all the materials that pile up during a renovation, remodel, or demolition project, drywall is one of the most common. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to learn about it. You might be eager to dive in and rip it all out, but it’s wise to inform yourself on a few things first!

Drywall 101
One of the most common building materials in North America, drywall is a type of paneling comprised of gypsum, otherwise known as calcium sulphate dihydrate. You’ll usually see it enclosed by a thin grey paper material. The walls and ceilings of many different building interiors are built with it, and it’s often preferred because of its streamlined manufacture process and resistance to fire, moisture, and mildew. Whether you’re building an extension to a room in your home, redoing your kitchen, or performing any other interior work that requires the removal of a wall, you’ll almost certainly encounter it.

Tearing It Down
Firstly, be aware of any piping, electrical wiring, or ventilation ducts that may be within the walls. Be sure to shut off power so that you don’t end up getting a shocking surprise in the process. When it’s time for removal, use a utility knife to cut straight lines at corners as needed and a hammer to break a series of holes along the top side. Grip these open edges to tear the wall out. A drill might be necessary to remove screws as well, and be wary of exposed nails. Use the hammer to remove nails by the head where you find them. Don’t forget to wear a dust mask!

Efficient Disposal
One thing to keep in mind throughout the removal process is that you should tear the drywall down in large pieces so as to limit the amount of mess you make. However, when the time comes for disposal, breaking it down as needed can be helpful for optimizing use of space within the bin. You don’t have to go overboard with this, as it’s not exactly time efficient to reduce everything into tiny pieces, but be sure to lay the pieces flat in the bin and stack them compactly. This will help you get the most out of your bin!

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