Three Safety Items That Are Non-Negotiable

Calgary, AB, Canada

Whether it’s a remodel of your bathroom or a large-scale renovation, you can never overstate the importance of safety. This often comes down to what you do, but it just as often involves what you wear. Here are three examples in particular that are quite simply non-negotiable.

Getting a Grip
Gloves don’t just keep your hands warm during that winter remodel. They allow you to grip, lift, push, pull, and tear your way through each and every one of your tasks, not to mention manage junk in preparation for removal. As such, they should be high-quality and as durable as possible. You’ll also be bracing yourself on a lot of different surfaces, so they need to be able to handle a lot of pressure and abrasiveness. Reaching blindly into an open wall with a bare hand probably won’t end well, and snagging yourself on something sharp could mean an infection, or worse. Don’t take any chances!

Seeing Clearly
Our eyes are one of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies. A common assumption is that eye protection isn’t quite necessary unless you’re cutting into wood with power tools like electric saws. Just because sawdust isn’t flying everywhere doesn’t mean you should dive into the dirty work without wearing a good pair of goggles. Anything that entails removal and disposal of building materials involves a significant amount of particulate that can dry out, irritate, or even injure the eyes if you’re not careful. It’s not exactly something you can put a band-aid on, so be sure to protect yourself.

Breathing Easy
Speaking of particulate from building materials, it would be wise to remember that your eyes aren’t the only part of your body affected by what’s hanging in the air. Whether you’re painting, sanding something down, or tearing apart drywall, wearing a dust mask is the best way to avoid breathing in dust or fumes while working. Keep in mind that not just any mask will do. It may seem like those cheap single-use masks will do the trick, but it’s better to opt for quality and reusability so that you can have peace of mind and breathe easy, especially when disposing of all your waste!

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