Signs That You’ve Chosen the Wrong Waste Disposal Team

Calgary, AB, Canada

There are quite a few waste disposal and junk removal companies serving Calgary and the surrounding area. However, not all waste management teams can be trusted to give you the best service and experience. Fortunately, there are a few red flags that are easy to spot.

They’re Not Local

If you’re deciding on a waste disposal company, you’re probably going to be aiming for a low price tag. You might then be tempted to go with a team that is highly affordable, even if they aren’t close to your home or site. In our experience, it is always a better idea to find a balance between proximity and affordability. You’ll want your bin to be brought to you by a waste disposal expert who knows Calgary and the surrounding areas like the back of their hand. And you’ll want them close by in case you need an extra bin or anything else. Beyond that, working with people who share your local spirit and values makes all the difference. If the team you’ve chosen doesn’t match these criteria, you might want to reconsider.

Their Services are Limited
Some waste disposal and junk removal teams think it’s enough to simply show up on time, take your refuse away, and call it a day. These are the bare necessities, but the company you choose should be able to provide a flexible experience that goes beyond the minimum. The most common forms of waste are typically bound for the landfill, but this shouldn’t be your one and only option. Your waste disposal team should be able to offer you bins designated for reusable construction materials like drywall, aluminium, wiring, wood, and concrete. Don’t settle for a company who hasn’t demonstrated that they want to cover all of their bases.

They’re Not Professional
Not only should the service you get be comprised of more than simple landfill junk removal, it should also come with an experience that possesses an extra touch of professionalism. This distinguishes the best companies from all the others. Junk removal requires careful scheduling, dependability, honesty, and integrity. And these values should be obvious in all stages of the process, from that initial phone call to the end of your project. Once you choose a waste disposal company, if it’s not clear from the outset that they’re prepared to offer the utmost degree of professionalism, don’t forget that you deserve better!

If you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience renting a waste disposal bin, you know that this can really put a dent in whatever project you’re working on. Why take any chances when you can go with the best? Call Economy Waste at (587) 813-0215 to find out why we’re the right choice!