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Economy Waste has provided residential, commercial, and industrial waste disposal to people like you in Calgary and the surrounding area for 25 years. Commercial clean ups, home renovations, and more can all create more detritus than is easy to dispose of, but fortunately, our easy to use services make disposing of wastes simple. And, because waste removal requires no special permitting, we’ve been able to offer our clients an all inclusive service with no hidden fees or extra costs. We strive to always keep our costs within the estimate we provide. Here are just two of our services that you may benefit from.

Blue Bin Delivery and Pick Up.

Whether you need to dispose of old flooring and drywall from a small home renovation, a chopped up tree that was threatening your house, or you are working on a large construction site, you can be assured that Economy Waste can provide the right bin for you. You have the choice of either 15 cubic yard and 25 cubic yard bins, and if your project is ongoing, you can have us pick up filled bins and deliver fresh ones on a schedule or on an as-needed basis. Both of our bins are perfect for paper/cardboard, wood, glass, insulation, wire, metals, and any other waste products that typically go to a landfill. We cannot dispose of biohazardous or toxic waste, but we can advise you on which authorities or private businesses can help.

Typically speaking, we recommend the 15 cubic yard bin for most normal house renovations and the 25 cubic yard bin for full-house tear outs or large construction sites. But don’t worry if your bin gets filled before you finish. Just give us a call — we’ll be happy to take away the full bin and bring you a new empty one within a day.

Economy Waste Recycling Program.

Economy Waste Services is proud to announce the arrival of our Blue Bins, the worksite recycling services for commercial and industrial job sites. You can now order a dedicated blue bin for recyclables including: wire, drywall, wood, concrete, and aluminum. Recycle bins will receive a discount, so contact us for further details. If you believe your residential property could also benefit from our recycling program, feel free to call us with your questions.

You want waste disposal to be as easy, fast, and convenient for you as possible. That’s why Economy Waste offers two different sizes of bins, can schedule pickups and deliveries ahead of time, and is happy to follow your instructions for where you want your bin placed. If you have any questions about our services and how we can help you, contact us today!