Does Your Renovation Work Require a Permit?

Calgary, AB, Canada

When you set out to renovate or remodel your home, safety comes first, and having a smart budget figured out is also essential. However, one factor that some beginners may not consider at first is permitting. It’s highly important to know what forms of work you’ll need paperwork for!

Interior Changes
There are many types of changes you can make to the interior of your home without needing a permit from the City of Calgary. For instance, replacing fixtures in bathrooms or kitchens, putting in new cabinets or flooring, and repainting walls are all common fix-ups or stylistic projects that can be done permit-free. However, with some indoor endeavours, you should bear in mind permit requirements. Examples include tearing out a load-bearing wall, gas fireplace installation, plumbing and electrical renovation, and more. When in doubt, contact the City of Calgary via their home improvement application system.

Exterior Changes
Several of the most common exterior renovation projects are quite likely to need a city permit. This is because, generally speaking, any modification to your home that changes its layout, envelope, or roofline can’t be done legally without permitting. Extensions and additions are good examples, but it can also include construction of fences above a certain height, creating new openings for installation of an exterior door, and many forms of partial demolition (not to mention, of course, full teardowns). Once again, it’s always advisable to check with the city for the necessary application materials.

Waste Disposal
Renovation, construction, and demolition themselves aren’t the only things that may need a permit. It’s also wise to remember that how you dispose of your waste could come with a few legal considerations. For instance, hazardous wastes such as batteries, paints, pesticides, and electronics need specialized disposal processes. When it comes to permitting, any waste disposal bin parked on a street or in an alley will probably require a street use permit. Thankfully, however, a bin situated in your driveway or front yard does not. Be sure to keep it clear of the sidewalk so that it remains on your property.

This just goes to show you that, as always, doing your homework is key if you want to get your project right. While not all home improvement tasks require a permit, there will always be waste to dispose of. Give Economy Waste a call at (587) 813-0215 to learn about how we can help!