Renovation Waste Disposal Safety Tips

Calgary, AB, Canada

Safety is the top priority of any construction, demolition, or renovation project. You may be quick to consider safety in the context of using certain tools or other similar tasks, but it’s just as critical when it comes to disposing of waste. Be sure to keep these pointers in mind!

The Materials
You’ll encounter a wide range of different types of waste that you need to dispose of, but it’s key to remember that careful handling is always a good policy. We strongly recommend that you avoid throwing things around carelessly. Instead, it’s often a good idea to gather and manage your waste in tidy smaller piles as you are working before ultimately transporting those piles to the bin itself. Always be wary of sharp edges, splinters, exposed nails, and other aspects of the material that can cause injury. Don’t reach into spaces or grip items unless you have a clear view of where you hands and fingers are going!

Your Disposal Bin
The handling of the material itself isn’t the only part of the disposal process that warrants smart safety practices. For instance, how you load the bin can have an affect on how safe it is both for yourself and those who are going to come pick it up. Rule number one is to never overload the bin. This is why knowing the needs of your project is key, and we’re always available to help you determine the right bin size. Always break down your material as much as you can and be attentive of how you’re placing it inside so that you can stack as effectively as possible. Finally, be sure that the area around the bin is completely clear of any debris so that it is safely accessible.

Safety Gear
Last but certainly not least, you can’t have safe waste disposal practices without proper use of safety gear. Handling of your material should always be done with high-quality work gloves, and in many situations eye protection is a good idea. Depending on the nature of the project, hard hat use may be mandatory. In addition to actually using your safety gear, it’s important to always store it properly and in an organized fashion at the end of the day so that you do not damage or lose track of essential items. Don’t underestimate just how common it is to sustain injuries in the process of waste disposal!

The safer your waste disposal is, the more successful your project will be. If you’re looking to get started on a renovation, or even if you have any questions regarding the disposal of specific materials, feel free to give us a call at (403) 888-5483 today. We’d be happy to help!