Your Project and Indoor Air Quality

Calgary, AB, Canada

On a home improvement or construction project, some threats to safety and productivity are easy to notice, like trip hazards, lack of safety equipment, or poor waste management. Some, on the other hand, have a way of sneaking up on you. Poor indoor air quality is a key example.

What Is Indoor Air Quality?
Everyone knows that renovation work is dirty. Your hands get dirty, your clothing gets dirty, and there’s a lot of mess to manage at any given moment. This holds true for the air as well, and if you don’t effectively prepare for and mitigate air pollutants that result from the renovation process, your throat, airway, and lungs will get dirty too. Respiratory health can be impacted by poor renovation practices in ways that may go unnoticed at first, but will crop up later as potentially serious health issues. The fact that it sneaks up on you is all the more reason to optimize the indoor air quality of the space you’re working in.

Knowing the Sources
Basic dust from materials like wood and drywall isn’t the only airborne pollutant to be mindful of. Droppings from vermin in attics and crawl spaces can contribute to risky air quality issues, insulation can give off particulate when disturbed, coats of paint dating before 1978 may be lead-based, and toxins from black mold can be particularly harmful. It all boils down to how well you know the space being renovated and how prepared you are. Don’t attempt to deal with materials that require a professional, such as asbestos and some forms of insulation, and invest in high-quality respirator masks when needed.

Dealing with Waste
If there’s one aspect of optimizing indoor air quality on your project that is truly underestimated, it’s waste disposal. The best way to keep the site clear and avoid excessive accumulation of dust from drywall and other materials is to work with a team that can help you maintain a consistent pattern of junk removal. When you have those piles of refuse out of the way, you can focus on keeping yourself prepared for air pollutants that stem from other sources. However, certain sources of poor air quality, particularly those which give off toxic fumes, may need to be disposed of in specialized ways. When in doubt, ask a disposal professional!

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