Landfill Misadventures

Calgary, AB, Canada

Are you an Albertan Crocodile Dundee? Are you ready to be as adventurous as hopping in a dugout canoe and going hippo-scouting? While there certainly aren’t any hippos in Calgary’s landfills (or are there!), heading to the landfill by yourself might be just as adventurous.

Avoid the stench

Unless you’ve got anosmia – the inability to smell – you’ll want to avoid the dump. All the organic material (fruits, vegetables, yard waste, meat, dairy, etc) that goes the landfill breaks down without oxygen. When organic waste breaks down anaerobically, it produces methane and other really smelly (and often greenhouse-effect enhancing) gasses. That’s what makes that signature terrible smell that can cling to your clothes even for hours after you leave. If you get bins brought there for you, you don’t have to worry about your date tonight questioning your personal hygiene habits.

Avoid death by gull attack

All those gulls that are drawn to the food in the dump are smart scavengers. But what if they start seeing you as either a good food source, or a competitor for theirs? Let’s just say…have you seen Hitchcock’s “The Birds”?

Okay, just kidding, you’re not going to get attacked by gulls – they keep to themselves. You never know when a stray bird dropping might land on your unlucky head though!

Difficult Roads

An actual problem at landfills, much more real than our fictitious gull attacks, is that the roads can be bumpy, muddy, and hard to navigate, especially with a city car. Particularly if you’re doing a small project or working for yourself, you might need to take multiple trips all the way out to the dump to get rid of everything. This wastes gas and your valuable time, and every time you tackle the roads at the dump, you get your car dirty and muddy. Now you have to spend the time and money to wash it!

If you want to avoid the smell, gulls, roads, time, and inconvenience of hauling your own loads to the landfill, hire Economy Waste! We drop the bin off at your site, you fill it, and then we pick it up for you and haul it to the dump. With our customized service and affordable prices, it’s more than worth it for the ease and peace of mind.