The Importance of Keeping Your Work Site Tidy

Calgary, AB, Canada

Last week we outlined the importance of preparation when taking on a construction or renovation job, including the necessity of having a solid waste disposal plan in place. However, safety isn’t the only base you need to have covered. You need to keep things clean as well!

Doing the Dirty Work
Construction and renovation both demand that you get your hands dirty, which can often be the most satisfying part. When everything finished, you’ve avoided chaos and made something great happen. However, you can’t get to that point if the dirty work gets too dirty. Just because construction and renovation projects are potentially messy by nature doesn’t mean it’s okay to let things get out of hand. A tidy project is a successful one, and letting your waste pile up all over the place is a good way to stall your workflow and make things more difficult for yourself and everyone else working on the job.

Avoiding Accidents
Keeping things tidy isn’t a superficial matter, and it isn’t even just about efficiency. It’s also about safety. If you haven’t put together a smart waste disposal plan and your site isn’t tidy, you’re far more likely to run into accidents. On most projects, safety depends significantly on the ability to move smoothly from one place to another, which means that walkways need to be clear and obstructions need to be eliminated as soon as they occur. The vast majority of these obstructions are related to waste that hasn’t been cleared and moved to the waste disposal bin, so stay on top of this if you want to maintain a safe site.

Staying on Schedule
It’s unfortunately not uncommon for people to underestimate just how big a difference tidiness can make when it comes to time-efficiency. It’s all about structuring the work around a well-organized pattern of collecting waste in designated spots and moving them to the bin for disposal. If you wait too long and allow things to accumulate, you could end up overestimating the capacity of the bin, missing a pickup, or running into other similar problems that introduce significant scheduling setbacks. Keep things clean and you’ll be moving along like clockwork!

Are you up to speed on the best ways to keep your construction or renovation project tidy and successful? Waste disposal is one of the most important aspects of the process, so teaming up with a Calgary waste disposal professional is essential. Give us a call at (403) 888-5483 today!