Doing Your Own Demolition

Calgary, AB, Canada

Some jobs are best left to professionals, while others can be highly rewarding DIY experiences. The difference can depend on the scale and complexity of the task, as well as the risk it involves. This is just as true when you’re taking things apart as it is when you’re putting them together!

To DIY or Not to DIY
Many home improvement projects leave homeowners wondering whether or not they should get the job done themselves. Demolition can be a bit tricky in the department. Demo work involving any removal or modification of structural elements, such as load-bearing walls, is certainly not something to jump into if you don’t have extensive knowledge and experience in renovation. However, tearing down elements of your home that do not support the structure of the building can be more surmountable. It’s crucial to remember that you should never bite off more than you can chew, and when in comes to structural demolition, one mistake can have disastrous consequences.

Learning Your Stuff
With this in mind, it’s clear that learning a few fundamentals is pretty important when deciding whether or not you need to hire a professional contractor. It’s not just a matter of whether or not you can do the work safely, it’s a matter of whether or not you know enough to make that judgement call in the first place! Do you know a header when you see it? How about a lintel? Even if you plan on hiring a professional to dismantle something, you should first learn enough to know how to communicate with that professional and tell them what you need and what your expectations are.

The Not-So-Secret Ingredient
Whether you go for a DIY demolition or you work with a professional contractor, one thing will remain the same: You’ll need to dispose of a lot of waste. Demolition is just about as messy as home improvement gets, so without an experienced waste disposal team that offers good service and a suitable bin, you can run into safety issues, scheduling issues, and more. This goes double if you’re taking the DIY route and it’s your first time. The stakes here are higher, so it’s more important than ever to make sure the project moves like clockwork. Top-notch junk removal is the not-so-secret ingredient to making this happen!

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