Disposing of Furniture? Here’s What You Need to Know

Calgary, AB, Canada

It’s not uncommon for people to dispose of furniture items when doing home renovation or remodeling. Just as every home needs work every now and again, your favourite furniture won’t last forever, and there are a number of things to bear in mind when throwing it out.

When to Dispose of It
If you come across furniture items that you don’t want anymore but are in great shape, it may seem easier to throw them out, but depending on their condition it could be smarter to donate them. That way the furniture doesn’t needlessly take up space in a landfill sooner than necessary, and someone in your community can benefit from your generosity. However, if the item has accumulated wear and tear, disposal is probably a better idea.

Different types of furniture require disposal at different degrees of usage. A well-made dresser will probably see many more years than a plastic table. For this reason, mattresses are among the most common items that need to go to the landfill, for both practical and sanitary reasons. Don’t hold on to something past its usability, and don’t try to donate it if it’s on its last legs!

Garbage Collection
Once you’ve decided that a piece or several pieces of furniture need to be disposed of, bear in mind that stuffing everything into a standard residential bin or leaving it on the curb shouldn’t be your first impulse. For one thing, city garbage collectors in Calgary won’t pick up large pieces of furniture, and putting smaller furniture items in your home cart bin can prevent you from fitting in your day-to-day refuse. Instead, it’s a good idea to call in an expert. A professional waste bin from a local waste management company will ensure that your discarded furniture is taken care of properly.

Loading It Right
After your Calgary waste disposal company has set you up with a bin for your project, remember that many pieces of furniture should be broken down before they’re loaded into the bin. Firstly, dismantling the item safely makes the loading process less dangerous, as straining to lift things like large cabinets and bookshelves can increase your risk for an injury. In addition to that, a big part of waste disposal is optimizing the amount of space that your refuse takes up in the bin. Breaking down the furniture first helps you get more bang for your buck!

Whether it’s furniture or construction and renovation waste, you deserve a waste management team who can offer timely pickups and an excellent all-around experience. Economy Waste is Calgary’s foremost experts in the field, so call (403) 888-5483 to see what we can do for you!