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About Us

As a small, family owned company, Economy Waste has been serving Calgary and area for over 25 years. Originally from Saskatchewan, we decided that we wanted to move to Calgary, Alberta in 1988. For us, that meant embracing the hardworking, entrepreneurial spirit that has defined Albertan culture for over 100 years. As a company, we are so proud that our work ethic and values have been honoured with the Entrepreneur of the Year award for our industry.

Our small team means that we can provide you with individual care, and you’ll know how we pride ourselves on our customer service. Many of our longest serving clients have become our friends over the last two decades, and we enjoy the fun, jokes, and camaraderie that we have built with each of them. At Economy Waste, we strive to create a friendly, positive atmosphere because we believe that both you and our team benefit from fast, convenient, and affordable waste removal with a smile. It has always been our goal to provide an honest, small-town feel to our business, which is why we work hard to be on time, are happy to see you, and why you won’t have to worry about us trying to upsell you on a product or service you just don’t need. We know our long-time clients appreciate our straightforward approach and our integrity and respect for everyone we meet, and we know you will too.

Whether you’re in need of small junk removal for spring cleaning, or you’re planning a massive renovation, Economy Waste is the right company for the job. Contact us today to learn more about our services and whether we’re the right fit for your project or worksite.