3 Myths About Renting a Disposal Bin

Calgary, AB, Canada

As you can probably tell from our blog, we’re pretty passionate about debunking myths and setting the record straight when it comes to waste disposal. We’ve talked before about misconceptions regarding recycling and landfills, but there are plenty more to address!

I Can Dispose of My Waste Myself
If you know your project will produce a fair amount of waste but are tempted to skip out on a disposal bin to keep costs down, you’re bound to run into problems. We’ve known some Calgarians who try to simply break things down and dispose of it all in their standard bins over the course of several city garbage pickups, but they quickly face some challenges. Not only do they have piles of waste sitting around for an extended period of time, but there are also certain things that the city won’t pick up. If you try to take things to the landfill yourself, you’ll incur landfill disposal fees and will also need a way to transport it all. Long story short? Not a good idea!

I Can Throw Anything In
Even those who do make the right choice of renting a disposal bin from an experienced company might take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to disposing of everything. In the case of a standard home renovation or remodel, most of your waste will be landfill-friendly, but you will inevitably run into a couple materials that may not be. Hazardous materials such as paints, automotive chemicals, batteries, and pesticides cannot be thrown in with everything else. Know what your disposal company is able to handle for you and always pay close attention to what you put in their bins.

I Can Pack It as High and Heavy as I Want
So you’re renting a bin from a locally-based waste disposal expert, and you’re even fully informed and conscientious as to what can and can’t go into it. Be careful not to forget that you can’t just pile it all in there without thinking about its capacity or overflow factor. Some bins overflow when they’re not even necessarily over capacity in terms of weight. This occurs when proper procedure has not been carried out to break down waste into efficient pieces. Follow the capacity guidelines and the advice that your disposal company gives you, and everyone will be happy!

At Economy Waste, we care about the truth because we believe that honesty and integrity are the keys to operating a business that truly benefits our clients. No tricks and no gimmicks, just high quality service. Call us at (587) 813-0236 to get set up with a waste disposal bin today!